day two!! WOO

so glad i finally got the blog stuff actually set up - it looks so awesome :D anyways let's get down to business

god okay so i went to bed at like. 3 AM because i couldn't put my damn phone down (as usual) and then for some reason i fucking woke up at like 6:30ish and couldn't go back to bed so. that was awesome. i mean i had an alarm for 6:45 anyways cause i needed to get up and do my freshman honors colloquium thing but still. :/ speaking of i set three alarms for that: 6:45, 7:00, and 7:15. unsurprisingly i completely disregarded the first two and only got up at like 7:15. i mean it was fine because i was actually able to complete and submit the assignment way before it was due at 9:55 sooooooo. i guess i didnt even need to wake up that early after all -_- also i hit my head on the ceiling trying to sit up after getting up which was great. well anyways with my extra time i decided to actually read the assigned chapters from the book (brave new world) we're reading in class for once (usually i just look up a summary of the chapters LMFAO). gotta say brave new world is an absolute fucking fever dream and it kinda grossed me out but. whatever i guess i'll get through it

anyways i went out to get on the bus to go to class and usually it gets there at like... 9:27 or so?? well i got down to the bus stop, pulled up PARTA (the app that shows the bus schedules), and it looked like it was going to arrive on time. but then i opened up the kent state app which lets you actually track where the buses are and... there was only one bus showing up. "huh, that's weird," i thought, "i hope that isn't indicative of anything."'ll never guess what happened next. sure enough, 9:27 came and went, and i was like Ok where tf is this bus and then i pulled up the PARTA app again and it said that the bus came to the stop...??? even though it most certainly did NOT. the one bus that WAS running was going to come at 9:40 or so and my class is at 9:55 which was kind of an issue considering by bus it usually takes like 20-25 minutes or so... yikes. so i pulled out my phone and quickly sent an email to my professor that was like Heyyyy im gonna be a little late the fucking bus isnt here. ok bye ❤

but then by some miracle. another bus actually pulled up at 9:35. only it wasn't really a bus - it was more of a bus that looked like a trolley...???? honestly it was kinda cool and when i stepped on some lady from PARTA was handing out water bottles so i took one because Why the hell not. anyways i sat down and the first thing i noticed was that the seats were made out of like. laminated wood which meant that every time the bus turned i would fucking SLIDE across the seat and try not to fall into the aisle which was, as you can imagine, mildly annoying. regardless the bus actually got to my stop at like 9:53 which actually meant that i got there on time yayyyyy. this did mean my email that i sent made 0 sense though but whatever

the aforementioned PARTA water bottle

class was boring. we just had a discussion about brave new world and then before i knew it it was 10:45 and it was time to leave and get back on the bus/trolley thing already.

once i got back to my dorm i made myself a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch (scrumptious) and watched like half of a breaking bad episode before getting bored and working on the blog (yay). and then i took another nap at like 1 until about 1:45 which i would LIKE to say was refreshing but really i don't think it did anything for me. honestly at this point i'm wondering if taking these little naps is becoming detrimental to my sleep cycle but ehhhhh it should be fine.

left my dorm at 2 to get to my cybersecurity class at 2:15. outside of the aeronautics and engineering building i saw a knocked over snowman which was kind of tragic. sat in my unassigned assigned seat which thankfully nobody took. that guy from last class sat next to me again and honestly he seems nice/chatty but he definitely gives me slightly off vibes which i am Hoping will not cause issues in the future. i forgot his name but i'm just gonna call him Matt because he seems like a Matt to me. anyways right before class was about to start this guy came in and sat down in a chair (there was no desk) that was pretty close to my table and GODDDD he fucking REEKED of weed. i remember i was actually talking to Matt and he was like "wow someone just came in smelling like weed" and im like "god yeah i can smell that jeez" (kind of loudly so that maybe this dude would take the hint and MOVE) and then Matt said "yeah i'm actually allergic to the smell of weed so i might break out in hives haha" ??? i didn't know people could be allergic to the smell of weed but alright i guess

anyways class was kind of boring. mostly notetaking which my professor was going WAY too fast on and i had to pull up the slides on canvas and just write those down instead of actually listening to her lecture. i mean for some of it i don't even know why i was taking notes because i already knew a bunch of it thanks to my Computer Autism but like. y'know why not. and then towards the end of the class she was like "Alright here's your quiz for today ^_^" and i was like WHAT. luckily it was only one page and was on stuff i either already knew beforehand or had written down last time i was in class so it was an easy 100% and then i got to leave at like 3:15 yayyy

and then i had. trig at 3:45 [vine boom sfx]. i got a dr pepper from the vending machine in the math and science building which i tried very hard to quietly open in a room full of dead-silent students (and failed miserably but its ok). trig was, y'know, trig. kind of a snoozefest but i was having fun taking notes on my new tablet/note-taking thing that i "inherited" from my mom (read: my dad gave it to her to take notes for work and then she never ended up using it so he just gave it to me instead lol) and then it was 5 and then i was FINISHED WITH CLASSES FOR THE DAY WOO

made some cup ramen once i got back and watched the last two eps of severance with cherry ❤ as expected she was going bonkers bananas over the ending which i mean how could you Not. when i first watched the finale i was literally screaming at my TV and i'm not usually one to react very visibly to shows lol. we hung out in VC for like 3 hours it was pretty awesome

oh also i added a guestbook to my website :-) looks really cool in my opinion and i got a few people to leave some nice comments (you know who you are if you're reading this. i love you)

huge accomplishment: i actually made my damn dorm bed for once!! it's stupidly hard to do it considering it's a loft bed that's really close to the ceiling and also i can't even access the other side because it's pushed up against the wall. soooo i employed the use of my extra ladder leftover from when my roommate moved out and took like 15-20 minutes to actually fix my bed and make it so it didnt look like something straight out of r/malelivingspaces. took it for a test drive by getting comfy and cozy in it for a little bit and i gotta say it's definitely an improvement hehe... also i discovered the joys of opening the window when it's like 20 degrees outside and then getting really nice and cozy under a few blankets... quite wonderful

uhhh i don't know if anything else noteworthy happened today! i think that's about it.

something i definitely want to do sometime later this week is make my own 88x31 button that my other neocities friends can put on their own pages to link to my site... i have no idea what i want it to look like yet but i'll figure it out i guess haha. also i kind of want to set up a webring and/or finally set up the friends page on my site that's been a WIP for god knows how long now

anyways! that's all i have for today. thanks for sticking around if you read all of this, and i'll see you tomorrow!

oh. also i was thinking of this image the entire day when i was walking around outside. that's all.