alright! day three!! i'm still feeling really good about this whole project hopefully i won't lose interest anytime soon haha

woke up feeling... strangely refreshed? i went to bed at 2 AM and at first i was kind of having trouble because i had another one of those weird headaches... weirdly enough once cherry said "kicks ur headache away" it... went away??? cherry may or may not have magic headache powers. who knows. anyways after it was gone i conked out and woke up at like 9 or so feeling very well-rested :-)

found out that the scary jokes is making a new album called Retinal Bloom!! really excited for that ^_^ its supposed to come out in late may (only 2 days after my brother's birthday) and i can't WAITTTTT. i feel like not enough people listen to them which sucks because they're like literally one of my favorite artists ever (in fact they're still my top artist on with like 600+ plays)!! ALSO they released one of the songs early - it's called Magic Hat. i gave it a listen and really liked it!! i'm excited to see what direction this album goes in musically hehe

left my dorm at 10:45 and went off to my general psych class at 11! it was kinda boring but i mean i don't really know what i expected when i signed up for a huge lecture class like this where we basically just take notes the entire time while the professor goes through slides LOL. had to sit in the front row because my unassigned assigned seat got taken >:(

after class i decided to treat myself... headed over to the student center because it was on my way back to my dorm and got some einsteins!! i got a chocolate cold brew shake (read: knockoff frappuccino) and a bacon egg and cheese bagel sandwich and by god it hit the SPOT. headed back to my dorm and ate that while i watched the new izzzyzzz video (which frek actually informed me of because he said that they had the black upper lip that i do sometimes in the video and i had to check it out)

meal of kings

kinda just hung out at my dorm until i had to leave at 2 to get to my modern world history class at 2:15. it's in the same building as my general psych class which is nice. but yeah it's a lecture class too which meant that it was basically just me sitting there and taking notes. while i wasn't taking notes though i was actually reading some more of brave new world and i gotta say this book is FUCKED UP but like. in an intriguing way. it's definitely one of the better dystopia novels i've read so that's nice but like god damn this world that the author (forgot his name oops) has created is. yeah

silly little guy i saw on my way to my lecture

got out of that class at 3:30 and went back to my dorm... this time i decided to go a different route to see if it would save me any time and i happened to pass by the honors college dorms and. i looked over and there was... a little snow sculpture sitting on the swinging bench that was in the "yard" of the dorms. i stopped dead in my tracks to get a better look. and immediately i thought: "No... it couldn't be..." there were two other people standing there admiring it, so of course, i had to shout out the rather comical question: "is that an among us." i mean, i could have said "crewmate" or "impostor" or whatever the actual name for the among us guys are, but i think just saying "is that an among us" is much more effective and also really funny. anyways one of them turned to me (they were wearing a top hat which i found particularly amusing) and was like "yeah he's been sitting here since yesterday but he's kinda dying because it's starting to get warmer :(". very sad day for the honors among us sculpture... but i mean it's supposed to snow tomorrow so maybe he will persevere. we will see. i took a picture of him (shown below) and then went on my way. also i found out that both routes (the one i usually take and the one that goes past the honors college) both take like 10 minutes so. yeah


once i got back to the dorms i posted the among us snow sculpture on twitter and thought nothing of it. it got like a few likes and then i put my phone away once i went to go take a shower

got out of the shower a little while later and then when i went to go blow dry my hair... i couldn't find the blow dryer. usually i put it in a very specific spot and it Wasn't There so i was like. oh fuck what did i do with it and then immediately tore up my room trying to find it. when i couldn't find it after like 5 minutes of looking i started worrying that maybe whoever checked my dorm over winter break took it??? which i mean like i don't know why you'd steal a hair dryer of all things but. who knows. anyways i found it in a bin like a minute later and then realized i now had to clean up my room because everything was everywhere. and honestly it was good because i got to make my other bed (that i use as a couch) and tidy up a bit and at this point i think that past me hid the hair dryer on purpose so i would clean up my damn room LMFAOOOO

anyways i checked twitter again and saw that my tweet BLEW UP. so that was fun. i'm probably going to be getting notifications about that for DAYS now LAWL

made some cup ramen again (after getting some wise counsel from al on what i should have for dinner) and fucked around with the like button and comment section (WHICH SHOULD BE BELOW BTW!! let me know what you think of them i think they're cool hehe) for god knows how long. i went through like 3 different sites trying to get comments on my blogs and it was so time consuming because i would find a site that i thought would work and then i would test it out and it would kind of Suck. i finally settled on cusdis and i think it'll get the job done fairly well! i have to manually approve comments though which is kind of annoying but whatever

oh also i picked up some more 88x31 buttons and visited a few other people's neocities pages in search of cool people... i'm really hoping that i can make my silly little button sometime this week because i want people to be able to link back to my website on their page :3 very cool

at like 11 PM i got the strange urge to do my makeup so. i did. despite the fact that i'm literally not even going anywhere tonight. the plan is that i'll just sleep in it and then touch it up in the morning before my 9:55 instead of having to go through the (kind of long) process of putting on a fresh face of makeup in the morning and having to get up earlier and all of that bullshit. also i did my skincare routine for the first time in like a month because i'm kind of breaking out again (BOOO)

don't think anything else of interest happened today! oh actually there is one thing. i got that assignment that i had to do yesterday for FHC (freshman honors colloquium) back and got a 20/20 WOOOOOO and my professor commented on it and said that i did a very nice job and had "astute observations" about the article. Very Cool !!

one thing that has been kind of lingering in my mind all day though is scholarships... i remember hearing somewhere that the deadline to apply for most of them is the first which is kind of scary. my mom was really getting on my ass earlier about it so i think i'm going to have to sit down sometime this week and go to the kent scholarship portal and start poking around in there and applying for shit. i'm just hoping i don't have any financial issues with attending next semester as a sophomore because that would kind of Blow

almost forgot to mention. another thing i want to maybe do at some point is put music on my website... maybe just on the main site but i was also thinking maybe i would put it on each individual blog page too?? maybe i'd like... use a song that was stuck in my head each day. i think that would be fun.

okay, well that's all i have for today!! thanks for reading!! leave a like or a comment if you want :-)

i think i'm just gonna post a random image from my camera roll to sign off my blog posts from now on. just to add some flair