♫ 100 gecs - toothless (pitched down)

day four!! lets goooo

trying out something new - i've added a music player!! it should be at the top of the page, right below the date. i think i'm going to use it when i have a certain song stuck in my head that day because i think that'll be pretty fun especially in the future when i'm going back through old blogs and remembering the music i used to listen to...

the song stuck in my head today was a version of toothless by 100 gecs that was pitched down on youtube... now normally this wouldn't really be anything special but the uploader apparently used like... a demo or something?? because the mixing is entirely different and honestly it fucks even harder than the original !!

anyways i woke up to the SPLENDID news that my 9:55 was actually moved online because my professor couldn't make it to the campus because of the terrible weather!! thank god... i tried to go back to bed but my efforts proved unfruitful and at 9:50 i clambered down my loft bed ladder to make myself a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch and hop on microsoft teams for class. god it was giving me flashbacks to being stuck online during covid. eep. regardless it went by pretty fast - we were just talking about brave new world again. i chimed in a few times to make sure i got those sweet sweet participation points B)

it snew...

after that, i basically just hopped on neocities and started playing around with my page a bit more... added a few cool websites' buttons to my front page :-) OH AND SPEAKING OF BUTTONS i finally made my own!! i made two actually just because i was worried people wouldn't really want to put the "HORSES NOW" button on their page haha. i might make some more when i have my hands on aesprite or something but for now i'm pretty happy with the two designs i made :D

something really funny happened to me today actually!! so i got a comment on my page from wobbledog (they go by latch nowadays though) who i used to talk to FOREVER AGO back when i was still on skype as a wee lass... god i still can't believe that was nearly SEVEN WHOLE YEARS AGO... anyways they commented on my page so obviously i went to go follow them back and check their page out too!! when i went to their "other sites" page that had a bunch of buttons on it... i saw my dear friend data's weird al fansite button!! immediately i rushed over to data's channel in panera and i was like OMFG GUESS WHAT I JUST SAW. such a small world we live in... :-) i wonder if they found my page through data's page actually because i realized that after i followed data's page it would've appeared in the feed so maybe that's how they saw i had a neocities?? idk i just think it's cool to reconnect with someone i haven't spoken to in a while hehe

once again did virtually fuckall until my cybersecurity class at 2:15... also when i went outside it was RAINING??? like it wasn't just snowing a few hours ago?? huh?? i hate ohio weather man. also fun protip wearing a cotton/fabric mask helps keep your face warm in the winter cold :D i love my mask sm because it has a cute little cat face on it hehe. also man the rain reminded me that i still have to return venus's umbrella... i feel bad because i was supposed to return it before i left for the weekend last friday but i forgot and then i forgot again and then i forgot again until today. hopefully i can give it back to him tomorrow

anyways cybersecurity class went as expected it was once again me desperately trying to write down notes while my teacher went through the slides at 100 MPH. this class is gonna give me calluses on my hands where i grip my pen man i swear... i remember that happened to me back when i took AP gov in sophomore year and we had to hand-write like 100+ notecards and it SUUUUCKED. ah well

once class let out i grabbed a tasty little treat from the vending machine (kit kat) and went off to trig (BOOOO). as expected it was a snoozefest and i actually found myself drifting off multiple times. 5:00 couldn't come soon enough X_X but once class finally let out i made my way over to eastway and got a ham and swiss sandwich from the deli for dinner :-) also picked up a pack of cinnamon gum because there have been mornings where i don't really have time to brush my teeth and... yeah. :| took my sandwich back up to my room and i gotta say it was better than usual!! sometimes they use this really good smoked ham and luckily today was one of those times. however one complaint i had was that the meat distribution (DON'T LAUGH) was kind of uneven. ah well it was delicious anyways 9/10 sandwich

so as you might remember i made a tweet about the snow amogus guy i saw earlier and said it was blowing up. well. apparently the OFFICIAL AMONG US TWITTER saw my tweet and decided to reply. i saw the reply and immediately went OH GOD OH FUCK because i KNEW that meant that my tweet was going to blow up even more. and sure enough... yeah. i keep getting notifications every 2 seconds and honestly i could probably just mute the tweet but 1) im not a wuss and 2) i want to see the replies/quote retweets so. i am doomed to suffer this for probably about a week or so LMFAOOO


one detail i left out of yesterday's blog post was that before i posted the snow amogus on twitter i actually posted it to kent state's LGBTQ gamers discord. well it turns out that one of the members in there saw my tweet on their timeline and screenshotted it and pinged me saying "got jumpscared by this on twitter" LMFAOOOOOOO. again. small world. but like if someone in this discord just so happened to see this on their timeline i can't help but wonder if my irls might see it and try to show it to me and then i'll either have to pretend like i didn't make the tweet or own up to it. i mean i don't really mind my twitter being linked to me irl because i don't really post anything weird...?? but like. i also sent the snow amogus picture to my IRL BROTHER and now there is a tiny fear that has lodged itself in the back of my head that my brother might see the tweet and figure out that it's me and then figure out that i'm a nonbinary lesbian and Yeahhh it just kinda snowballs from there. i think that this is a largely irrational fear thankfully but. Still.

OH ALSO someone replied to the tweet saying that they knew the people who made the snow sculpture and i told them to thank their friends for making such a beautiful sculpture that nearly 5k+ people on the internet loved. and then sure enough about an hour later i got this reply:

this made me SOOO fucking happy !! i'm so glad that people can actually see who created the sculpture rather than me, some chump on the internet who happened to be passing by, took a picture of it, and then uploaded it to twitter LMFAOOOOOO. also Holy shit i just looked at the notes of that tweet and it has A THOUSAND RETWEETS NOW??? WTF????

anyways! took a nap at like 8, woke up at 9, and then started on my one and only assignment for the night: a modern world history paragraph response thing. i breezed right through it thankfully but i kept getting distracted by the constant twitter notifications so i had to close the window entirely so i could focus LOL. submitted it at like 10:30 before the deadline at 11:59 WOO

i think that's about it for today though!! thanks for reading - leave a like or perhaps a comment if you want... i'll see you all tomorrow!!

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