♫ marina - obsessions (alternative mix)

today's song of the day - obsessions by marina (and the diamonds) - specifically an "alternative mix" that kind of changes up the instrumentation and vocals. for some reason there's a LOT of "alternative mixes" for marina songs?? not that i'm complaining though some of them sound better than the original song LOL. anyways i chose this song cause it's kind of been stuck in my head lately and also i just recently finally listened to the entirety of the family jewels (the album this song is from) so. Yeah :-)

can't really remember when i woke up. i think it was at like 10?? i looked out the window and i was surprised to see that there wasn't really any snow outside - my mom had been making a big deal out of this day a few days ago because she said it was supposed to snow A LOT but. it didn't lol. anyways i had to make my way over to general psych at 11 and brave the frozen wasteland that is Ohio in January. this time, on top of my cotton cat face mask, i wore my headphones which kind of acted as earmuffs. and honestly? it worked really well!! gotta do this more often from now on...

psych went as expected - just another lecture, basically. although, while i was trying to flip up the desk thingie that was attached to my seat, i broke my right thumbnail... :( i'm getting my nails done again next week so this isn't too much of a bummer + i've had these nails for about 5/6 weeks by now so they're at the end of their lifespan anyways but. it feels really weird having a stubby nail after having it be naturally long for months on end


once i got out of psych (we got out 15 minutes early which was awesome!!), i stopped by the infamous snow amogus bench to check on the little guy. unfortunately, this is the state i found him in...

rest in peace asnowgus. You will be missed. o7

decided to stop by the library starbucks afterwards and grab a (hot!) chai latte and a double bacon egg and cheese sandwich... incredibly scrumptious. honestly starbucks makes good sandwiches but i can't help but think of that one tweet that said that it feels like 3d-printed food somehow LOL. i can't find the link unfortunately so you'll just have to take my word that this tweet exists Somewhere


once i got back to my dorm and sat down with my tasty little treats, i saw that sagan hawkes uploaded a new video on DHMIS so obviously i spent all of my time until my next class watching that hehe. had to stop at like 2 so i could run over to my modern world history lecture but i'm pretty sure i finished it all :-)

like psych, history went as expected - just another boring lecture. although at one point while i was taking notes my tablet decided it would be a perfect time to detach itself from my keyboard and promptly fell directly onto the floor. i was sitting in the front row too which meant that everyone saw me scrambling to grab it and then sitting back down really awkwardly. Awesome

once 3:30 hit, i was officially done with classes for the day!! wooooo!! headed on back to my dorm and saw this little fella on the way there...

love this animal. the goth squirrel

i didn't really do much once i was back at my dorm honestly... i didn't have any homework or anything so i was basically just sitting there and rotting as i usually do. but at around 6 PM i got a craving for rosie's so i bundled up and headed out into the frozen tundra once more. surprisingly my order only took like 2 minutes to be ready which is significantly faster than it usually is :D ALSO !! I FOUND OUT THEY STILL HAVE SIERRA MIST THERE. i'm surprised because i heard that it was officially discontinued a few days ago... so Rosie's Diner may very well be one of the last places on earth that has sierra mist available. crazy. of course i had to get some and god i forgot how good it was. shame that it's going away v_v once i got all my stuff, i headed back to my dorm, and by GOD it was so windy and cold it was miserable... regardless i made it back to my dorm safely. i'm really lucky that i only live a stone's throw away from rosie's because i get cravings for their mozzarella sticks all the time LOL

#1 Rosie's Diner Fan

honestly? other than the stuff i just talked about i didn't really do all that much today... just one of those days i suppose hehe.

i do have to talk to my brother about getting back home tomorrow i just realized... so i usually go home on the weekends because i only live like 30 minutes from campus and honestly i miss having home-cooked meals and having my car and my dog but the problem is i obviously don't have my car on campus so i always have to ask one of my family members to pick me up. last week my brother picked me up because kent isn't too far away from where he goes to high school so he can just drive over here and pick me up after school lets out for him. i'm hoping that he'll be able to pick me up tomorrow too... i should have talked to him earlier because i know by now (11:47 PM) he's probably already asleep and i'm probably not going to wake up early enough for me to catch him before he goes to school... but i think he's allowed to have his phone in school?? so idk. we'll see i guess lol

grocery list for myself (ignore this if you want this is just so i have this written down lmfao): cheesesticks, paper towels, soda, plastic silverware, bottled coffee (maybe?), new trash bags cause the ones you have right now SUCK

alright, well that's all for today!! leave a like if you've read all the way to this point and feel free to leave a comment too :-) thanks guys! see you tomorrowwwwww

fun fact every time i see a deer i think of my dog rosie. i'm not entirely sure why. i think it's because they have the same loveable looking faces