♫ jon bellion - hand of god (outro)

today's song is hand of god by jon bellion! i chose this one because it's my most played song of the week according to last.fm and it's been stuck in my head all week... i originally discovered this song from a warrior cats AMV funnily enough - starclan's chosen - you might have seen it already. i only read the first two series of warriors and it was forever ago so i don't really remember all that much but GOD DAMN that amv is so good. definitely watch it if you like warriors...

started my day at about 8 - much to my chagrin, i woke up about a full hour before i needed to haul my ass out of bed. tried to go back to bed but was ultimately unsuccessful so i said fuck it and just kinda sat there on my phone until i had to get up at 9 to get dressed and get out the door to catch the bus at like 9:30. went to freshman honors colloquium at 9:55 as i usually do and once again it was nothing to write home about. basically we were just discussing brave new world again but this time we were split into Groups... oooh...

saw these cats on the way to the bus... quite wonderful

anyways after that class let out and i got on the bus i decided i would treat myself and go to tahini in the student center basement as a little reward for finishing classes for the week. so instead of getting off at my usual stop i stayed on the bus a bit longer which dropped me right in front of the student center at like 11 or so... went down to the basement, walked up to tahini, and... it was closed LOL apparently they didn't open until 11:30. "well, that isn't that much time," i thought, "might as well just sit in the nearby lounge and wait for them to open hehe" and so i did that. got situated in a comfy chair with my phone and... waited. unfortunately there was some guy who FELL ASLEEP not too far away from me and he was snoring SOOOO FUCKING LOUD. maybe this is mean but god i wanted to get up and smack him. out of all places why would you nap in the student center bro...

at 11:30 i walked back over to tahini and their doors were still closed so i just kinda stood there awkwardly. in hindsight i shouldn't have done that because someone walked up with the key like 30 seconds later and i might've pissed them off by just. standing there menacingly outside of the doors. i was the only one there too. i mean at my job when customers just kinda. Stand outside of the door before we open i know it pisses ME off a little so. yeah. anyways i went in, placed my order on the tablet thingie they have, and used my flashcard (student id) to pay with downtown dollars which is Awesome. see most places on campus only accept declining balance or credit card but this is the ONE PLACE that also accepts downtown dollars which is nice because last semester i barely used them because all of the places you could use them were off campus and i don't really have a car so. LOL. with my meal plan i got a hundred at the beginning of the semester and now i have around 80 (i got tahini last week too)... i think what i'm going to do is only use my downtown dollars in like 10 dollar increments twice a month (february, march, april, may) that way i don't run out before the end of the semester and have to pay with my declining balance/credit card... if there's one thing college is definitely teaching me it's how to budget LOL

ok rambling about my meal plan aside i ordered a nutella crepe and taro bubble tea... exact same thing i ordered last week but i mean it's delicious so i don't really care LOL. went over to a table and sat down because i knew it would probably be a little while... and then i saw someone from the kitchen walking towards me which immediately made me go Uh oh. sure enough he told me that they were out of nutella and they would have to run to the store to get more and that i could get something else free of charge... and like it kinda sucks that i couldnt get a nutella crepe but i totally understood and just asked if i could get some of their baklava instead :-) i'd never tried baklava and based on its description on the menu it sounded pretty good! (it turns out i don't really like it but. ah well) so he ran back to the kitchen and grabbed some for me - he actually gave me two orders instead of one which was super nice of him... love you tahini guy im sorry for walking in as soon as you guys opened

pretty soon my bubble tea was out too so i grabbed that and went on my way back to my dorm! also i forgot to mention this earlier but i texted my brother before i got on the bus asking if he was gonna pick me up and he said that my MOM was actually picking me up?? which was surprising considering she was just about to fly back from nashville but i texted her and she was like "yeah im gonna take an uber back from the airport and then get my car and come pick you up at 2:30" so. i guess that answered my question from yesterday

and why he ourple

kinda just did jack shit as usual until about 1:30 when i started packing everything up. threw all of my dirty clothes in a huge ikea bag so i could throw them in the laundry once i got home, packed up all of my makeup into the nice little carrying case thing my mom got me for christmas, and made sure i had everything else i wanted to take in my backpack. once 2:25 rolled around i packed up my laptop too (making sure to be careful with the actual laptop itself because the hinge is broken and i don't want to break it even more by mishandling it). then, i placed all of that stuff into my gay little wagon and headed out the door, down the elevator, and outside where my mom was waiting in the parking lot.

as soon as i got in the car, she was like "hey are you hungry." and i was like Yeah of course so we drove over to the nearby taco bell and got some lunch... i got my usual three hardshell taco combo (no lettuce because im fucked up) with a large baja blast and an order of the cinnabon delights (i usually call them something else that i cannot repeat in polite company LMFAO) and it was Delicious as usual. also i very distinctly remember the guy at the drive thru had really cool makeup and i wanted to compliment him but i was worried that'd be weird so i didn't say anything. I don't know why i thought that but you know how silly brains are lol

about 30 minutes later, she dropped me off at home so she could run to the grocery store while i got settled back in. got to see my beautiful little oupy dog rosie again... unsurprisingly i kind of just sat on the couch watching youtube for a little while after i got home. at one point she hopped up on the couch with me and laid down with me but i noticed her breath was fucking AWFUL like worse than dog breath usually is... she got up like 5 minutes later though so i didn't have to worry too much about inhaling the poisonous fumes of rosie's breath LOL


eventually fell asleep on the couch at some point... i think it was like 5? woke up at like 6 or so and then migrated up to my room to unpack my laptop and just kinda chill. eventually my mom called me and asked me if i wanted my dad to make me a burger. was pretty hungry so i said Yes pease :) and then like 30 minutes later she called me back down so i could partake in said burger... twas scrumptious. also i had a funny little mtn dew along with it. now honestly out of the four hard mtn dew flavors the original flavor is my least favorite but it was the only one we had left in the fridge so. it was still good tho

gonna be honest the color of the mountain dew is NOT appealing. looks like toxic slutch

originally me and my parents were gonna watch puss in boots the last wish together because for whatever reason they both really wanted to see it (my brother was away at a friends house + he'd already seen the movie so he was out of the picture) but my mom ended up falling asleep on the couch before i could get it set up (i was gonna pirate it then cast my laptop to the tv because otherwise it was 25 WHOLE DOLLARS to rent the movie) so i'm pretty sure we might just do it tomorrow then... ah well. i've already seen it but it's such a good movie i'd be more than happy to watch it again. ALSO I FORGOT TO MENTION THIS but i found subtitles with ACTUAL SPANISH !!! on tumblr instead of just "[speaks spanish]" like the original subtitles had whenever a character would say ANY spanish word at all which as you can imagine was really annoying... let me know if you want a link to these i don't feel like digging back in my tumblr archive to find the post again but. thumbsup

had two (2) cheesesticks for dessert along with the remainder of my hard mtn dew and by the time i finished my drink i was starting to feel The Effects. i was starting to do that thing i do sometimes where i start going crazy bananas bonkers and say stuff to myself out loud and get super giggly and laugh really loudly and it was getting to a point where it was freaking me out a little (not really) so i was like Okay maybe i'll take a bath and that'll sober me up a little. so at like 11 PM i decided to run a bath with Very Hot (it was a little TOO hot actually and i was literally starting to sweat buckets while i was in it but it is what it is) water, grabbed a plastic bag for my phone so i could use it in the bathtub without having to worry about it getting submerged, and hopped in. then i had the brilliant idea to turn off the bathroom light so i was just sitting in the bath in complete darkness. honestly it was a really weird feeling. cherry described it as like "being in a sensory deprivation tank without the salt water" which sums it up pretty well. i literally could not see anything at all - it was like my eyes were closed. and it was dead silent upstairs because my brother still wasn't home. kinda eerie. honestly i would recommend doing it though... everyone should get into a hot bath late at night and then turn off their lights so they're sitting in the darkness once in their life i think. unfortunately my stay in the bathtub was shortened by my brother getting home and then knocking on the door and asking to use the bathroom. so, begrudgingly, i got out and went back to my bedroom.

got the sudden urge to start playing the piano again so i picked up my tiny little midi keyboard, plugged it into my laptop, booted up FL studio, and started fucking around a little. i actually managed to learn the piano chords to famous prophets by car seat headrest which was cool... might try to play it on the really cool out-of-tune piano that's in my dorm's lobby when i get back cause i think it would sound cool on there

and now i'm here writing this blog Yayyyy

one thing i think i want to make a regular friday occurrence is posting my weekly stats from last.fm... to my future self, it'll provide a better insight into what i was listening to in the past i think and for you guys it'll just be some fun eye candy. or perhaps a conversation starter...? we shall see...

album 3x3 for 1/20-1/27

top tracks for 1/20-1/27

alright, well that's all i have for tonight! as always, leave a like if you made it this far, and leave a comment if you want. thanks for reading - i'll see you guys tomorrow :-)

happy birthday to large boulder the size of a small boulder