♫ tatsuro yamashita - ride on time

today's song is ride on time by tatsuro yamashita! it came on youtube autoplay earlier and now it's stuck in my head LOL. it's a banger though so i'm definitely not complaining haha

woke up at like 10 or so? and immediately decided to take a shower because my hair was starting to get gross. while i was in the shower i started to get a craving for one of my favorite things from a local cafe: a bacon egg and cheese piadina (it's an italian flatbread and its SOOO good) so i was like "hm maybe i should get ready and then go over there and grab one..." so i hopped out of the shower a little while later and decided to tell my mom i'd be leaving in a little bit to go get some breakfast at [local cafe]. went up to go blow dry my hair and then i got a text from my mom that said "you know what me and [my brother] might come along too if that's alright?" and honestly i didn't really mind at all - also, i had just remembered my dad dropped my car off for service so i didn't even Have a car to drive. so of course i said Yeah...

did my makeup then got dressed in my (admittedly not warm enough) outfit consisting of grey jeans, a white tanktop, and a ratty-looking grey hollister hoodie. Oh and i wore my beloved white insulated crocs to really top it off... we left the house at like 12 or so. once we got there, i got my much-beloved piadina along with an iced cinnamon roll latte because it sounded really good at the time. fortunately, one of the perks of my mom coming along with me is that she paid for both me and my brother's food which was Awesome. otherwise i was probably going to be out about 15 bucks... which isnt that much but like. Still.

oh yeahhhh this is what it's all ABOUT

once we got finished eating, we headed over to target so my mom could do a little bit of shopping. you know how it is. got two more pairs of black skinny jeans which i desperately needed because i LOVE wearing my ONE pair of black skinny jeans and obviously i can't really wear them every day without washing them so... the solution is just More Jeans.

went over to pets supplies plus afterwards to get a new collar for rosie - the one she was wearing at the time was really ratty and torn up so we figured it was probably time for a new one. unfortunately we didn't find anything BUT i did see two really cute cats and some cute birds...

her name was lucy :)

my mom figured that they might have a cute collar for rosie's at this local pet shop down the street so that's where we were headed next. i have mixed feelings about this place because they sell puppies and they're all really trendy poodle mixes or purse dogs kept in pretty small enclosures and it's just like... there's no way these dogs aren't from a puppy mill :-( we did find a cute collar for rosie though at least. oh and my mom insisted on getting her a new dog bed because she tore the stuffing out of the other one LMFAOOO

the beast slumbers

i thought we were finally going home after that but then my mom drove us over to the nearby grocery store and was like "i gotta get a few things BUT you guys can stay in the car" so that was a win... my mom always gets super weird about me and my brother sitting in the car though (which is something that rubbed off on my brother) because she's worried someone might try to break in to get to us...? and like i get it that's an understandable fear but she told my brother to sit in the driver's seat because she thought that would make us "less of a target" if there was someone in the driver's seat... ? idk man

finally got home sometime around 3 or 4... i did my laundry like 15 minutes after i got home which was epic and cool... at like 5 my mom asked if we could watch puss in boots the last wish early so she and my dad wouldn't fall asleep watching it LOL. i happily obliged and brought my laptop down (making sure to quit discord and remove its shortcut from my desktop before i showed my screen to my parents Lol) with a Totally Legal Copy of the movie and cast it to my tv screen. worked like a charm - and the new spanish subtitles i mentioned earlier worked great! that was, until the end of the movie, when whoever made the captions decided to put "Pussy will return in Shrek 5" right before the credits LMFAOOOOOOOO. my mom turned to me and was like "did the captions just call him pussy...?" which i thought was funny. Puss in boots more like pussy boobs am i right. anyways my dad LOVED the movie and thought the animation was really cool - as he should, this movie is so visually stunning it knocked my socks CLEAN off. unsurprisingly though my mom was on her phone for the majority of the movie. ah well she doesn't really like animated movies anyways

had some cup ramen for dinner along with a hard baja blast... my dad told me that if i added chicken bouillon powder it would enhance the flavor of the ramen and By god he was right. 10/10 i definitely recommend... ate dinner on the couch with my mom who was watching a dateline nbc episode on OJ simpson. i figured that if i tried to bring my bowl of Really Hot ramen upstairs it wouldn't really end well so i decided to hang out until i finished my ramen. once i finished, i looked over and my mom was out like a light... again, not surprising - the lights were off, she'd had a bit to drink, and plus she usually falls asleep at like 8 or so anyways. also the couch is really comfy and i also fall asleep on there all the time LOL

fine dining here at the assiel household

with that, i scurried back upstairs and fucked around on my computer for a little bit as i usually do. started playing on my midi keyboard again and by now i have a pretty good grasp on the chords for famous prophets... in fact, i was actually able to sing along to it which was awesome :-)

at like 9:30 or so i hopped in grinky with jude and watched skinamarink with him... Honestly it was a fucking terrifying movie but i think it would be better experienced in a dark theater. honestly if i saw it in theaters i would have been 10 times more scared and i don't usually get that scared by horror movies. also the fisher price phone was funny (AND ALSO SCARY). hung out in VC for a while afterwards and helped her with her neocities page which was really fun hehe... kitty joined us at like midnight or so which was Epic but i had to go pretty soon afterwards because i had to record a PODCAST for my freshman honors colloquium class.... so with that i left vc, opened up audacity, and got to it. luckily it was really easy considering i already wrote out the script and it came out to around 3 minutes long in total. great. saved it as an mp3 and slapped that bad boy right onto canvas and called it a day. i was supposed to respond to two other people's podcasts but i didn't really feel like it so that is a problem for future assiel. love and light

kinda not looking forward to tomorrow because i have a metric fuckton of homework to get done that i didn't feel like doing today LOL. it's mostly trig homework which i know is going to be a pain in the ass to do even with like. symbolab and the rest of the internet at my disposal but It is what it is. also i only have to get 80% to get full credit - i can do 100% if i want an extra credit point but we'll see how i'm feeling tomorrow i guess. also another thing that's kind of been on my mind is: i don't know when i'm going back to college LOL. i mean in the past my mom just drove me monday morning and dropped me off at like 8:30 before my 9:55 but also sometimes i go back sunday evening...? i probably should have asked but i guess we will find out tomorrow. ♥

well, that's all i have for today! phew, now that i'm done writing this, i can go to BED... it's like 3 AM rn and i'm a bit tired so... anyways, leave a like if you read this far, leave a comment if you've got something cool you wanna say, and thank you for reading! see you tomorrow :-)

epic skinamarink reference