♫ sunsetcorp - angel

today's song is angel by sunsetcorp! was looping this song earlier while i was mildly losing my mind... very calming in my opinion.

WOW today marks a full week since i started blogging!! i'm honestly surprised i've made it this far LOL... last year when i tried to do a daily journal i quit after like 5 days haha. i'm still goin strong though!! i think it's mostly because i keep getting encouragement from my dear friends who leave comments and say nice things about my silly little blogs... hehe

rolled out of bed at like 10 AM - went downstairs and saw rosie under a bunch of blankets on the couch which was adorable... image attached :-) she had her tongue sticking out right before i took this picture but unfortunately i didn't take the photo on time rip

the precious little cherub

my mom started nagging me about scholarships again... so i said i'd make some headway on it today. and Then i remembered that for some scholarships they require you to fill out FAFSA... which i had not done yet. oops. keep in mind the deadline for the scholarships is 2/1 sooooooo. yeah i had to get that squared away ASAP

ran upstairs, grabbed my laptop, and then took it downstairs so i could ask both of my parents for their tax info. man, i gotta say, the FAFSA website is... kind of a piece of shit, ngl. you would think that with government funding they would figure out how to make it NOT run at a snail's pace but. ah well. as soon as i got to the part where i needed to get the tax info from my parents my mom was like "uhhh idk where the tax info for 2021 is. [my dad's name] where's that at" and of course being the very helpful person he is he was like "I don't know lol it should be over there though." soon enough my mom and dad started getting mad at each other because of course they did and i thought i was about to be an unwilling spectator to another one of their squabbles but luckily my mom found the folder with all of the 2021 tax stuff pretty soon afterwards. phew. bullet dodged

filled out the rest of the FAFSA form and got it all submitted YIPPIE!! only thing left to do now was. get the scholarships. luckily kent state has a scholarship portal thing where you answer a bunch of questions and then it matches you to scholarships based on those questions... i had a lot of fun answering questions actually LOL. and then what's really cool is it lets you apply to a bunch of scholarships at once with one essay. i only checked out like one grouping of scholarships but the essay prompt was just "write 500 words about a time in your life that you experienced personal growth" which should be EZ... i think i'm going to write about my IB (international baccalaureate) struggles because God that period in my life changed me for sure LMFAO. people who were my friends in late 2021-early 2022 know exactly what i'm talking about.

while i was doing all of that, my mom actually made these really cute red velvet cookies with dove hearts in the middle for valentine's day... they were SOOO GOOD and she's giving me a half-pan to take back to college tomorrow which is awesome :-)

ouuugh fuck yes

after i finished up my scholarship shenanigans, my mom wanted to go to starbucks for some reason so i tagged along of course... i got a venti chai and a gouda bacon egg sandwich which were, as always, delicious. sorry i didn't get a picture LOL. no assiel mealtime pic this time v_v

went to homegoods afterwards but luckily i got to stay in the car. i was kind of still in my pajamas and i didn't really want to just be walking around in public in my jammies so that was good LOL. my mom got even MORE valentine's day decor for the house... i thought we already had enough but apparently not. not that i'm complaining though i actually really love the aesthetic of valentine's day and all the reds and pinks and hearts... ironic considering i've literally never been in a relationship in my life and i feel like usually single people such as myself fucking HATE this holiday. But not me i am simply different

got home at like 2:30 or so... curled up on the couch and watched the new danny gonzalez video then the new drew gooden video too! i think it's funny how both of them upload videos around the same time. probably has something to do with it being the end of the month = sponsorship deadlines... idk though i don't know how that shit works

fell asleep on the couch and woke up at like 4:30 or so. scuttled back upstairs and. Honestly i can't even remember what i did until dinner at like 6:30 LOL. my dad made homemade chicken tenders which usually are scrumptious but he did something weird with the breading this time and i didn't really like them. :-( i did have a tasty watermelon mountain dew though so that was good

sorry this probably looks pretty unappealing on camera

oh also rosie was in the back but i cropped her out so here's a picture of just rosie to compensate for that

after i got done eating dinner, i went back upstairs so i could fuck around on my computer a little more until i started on my long-dreaded math homework at 9 PM... it was due at 11:59, but i was pretty confident that i could finish it before then. and i only needed to get 85% of the questions right to get full credit. so it wouldn't be that bad, right?

well. three hours later and i JUST finished it at 11:40 PM. fucking trigonometry man... i think this was mostly because i was actually doing the work for my homework for once instead of just plugging it into a calculator because i actually don't understand the concepts that well and i feel like if i did that i would just be digging my own grave LOL. i don't really think that would be beneficial for when the quiz rolls around and i have 0 practice. yeesh

OH ALSO to answer my question about going home from yesterday's blog: turns out my dad is taking me back tomorrow morning because he has the day off and my mom is busy. wooo

today wasn't too eventful - but that's how most sundays are, i feel. i think i'm gonna work on my scholarship stuff tomorrow because i don't THINK? i have any homework so i should be able to pump out some short essays that'll hopefully score me some money for next semester :-D

alright, well, that's all i have for tonight! leave a like if you read this far, leave a comment if you got somethin you wanna say, and Leave. nah jk you can stick around if you want. :-) see you guys tomorrow!!

just remembered one of my favorite images today